Top Universities For MBA in Human Resource Management in the UK in 2024

MBA in HRM in UK offers unique opportunities for aspiring human resource professionals and business leaders to acquire a specialized and globally recognized education. HR professionals play a pivotal role in shaping the success and sustainability of organizations worldwide. According to LinkedIn Learning, 82% of global leaders believe that the HR function has become more critical than ever before.

According to the most recent update from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) on the UK People Profession, the field of Human Resources (HR) has experienced a remarkable 42% growth over the past decade, spanning from 2011 to 2021. This growth stands in stark contrast to the general workforce, which saw a much more modest increase of only 10% during the same period.

As we delve into the dynamic world of HRM in the United Kingdom, it is imperative to explore the institutions that excel in equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate this evolving landscape.

What is MBA in HR?

“What is MBA in HR?” is a common question among individuals looking to understand the scope and benefits of pursuing this course. It is a specialized graduate-level programme that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of Human Resources.

It combines core business administration principles with a deep focus on HR strategies, practices, and challenges. Students typically delve into areas such as talent acquisition, employee development, labour relations, and organizational behaviour.

An MBA in HR prepares graduates for leadership roles in HR departments, where they can effectively manage personnel, align HR strategies with organisational goals, and drive positive workplace cultures. It is a vital credential for those seeking to become HR professionals or advance their careers.

We hope this section has answered the question what is MBA in HR? As organizations increasingly recognize the critical role of human resources in their success, an MBA in HR becomes a valuable asset for those looking to make a meaningful impact on both their careers and the organizations they serve.

Difference Between MBA in HR and MSc in HR

If you are wondering what is HR management in MBA or what is MBA in human resource management it involves the integration of human resource management principles into a Master of Business Administration curriculum.

The primary distinction between an MBA in HR (Human Resources) and an MSc (Master of Science) in HR lies in their educational focus. While an MBA provides versatility for diverse business roles, an MSc in HR hones expertise for specific HR career paths, making the choice between the two dependent on individual career objectives and desired specialization.
Let’s have a look at the key differences:

Aspect MBA HR in UK  MSC in Human Resource Management in UK
Focus Combines HR with Business Skills Emphasizes HR Theory and Practice
Curriculum The curriculum includes more practical, real-world case studies and projects, which can be beneficial for students looking to apply HR principles in a corporate setting. These programmes have a stronger theoretical and academic foundation, focusing on HR research, best practices and so on. .
Career Opportunities Management and Leadership Roles HR Specialist Roles
Core Subjects Business Strategy, Leadership HR Theory, Labour Relations
Employability Versatile, suitable for various industries Specialized for HR Roles

Why Study an MBA in HRM in the UK?

When it comes to pursuing professional courses, the United Kingdom stands as a global hub renowned for its top colleges for MBA in HR in UK. The educational institutions offer a compelling blend of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and cutting-edge HR curriculum.

Here are some key reasons to study MBA in HRM in UK:

Professional Accreditation:

When you choose to study an MBA in HRM in the UK, you gain access to a course accredited by prestigious HR and management bodies. This includes recognition from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), two of the leading authorities in HR and management. Such accreditation ensures that your education aligns with industry standards and best practices.

Real-World Relevance:

MBA in HR courses are designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to your future workplace. You’ll tackle real-world challenges, potentially developing initiatives like recruitment and talent management campaigns, customized training programmes, and employee engagement strategies. Collaborative experiences with peers and international institutions also provide insights into addressing global HR issues.

Industry Expertise:

Many instructors are accomplished academics with substantial expertise in human resource management. Their practical insights not only enhance your learning but also offer valuable guidance for networking and professional development, ensuring that your MBA in HRM in the UK prepares you for a successful career in this dynamic field.

Competitive Salaries:

In 2021, Reed’s HR Salary Guide disclosed that the UK’s HR industry exhibited an overall average salary growth of 1.9%. According to, the average salary for an MBA in HR in the UK stands at £44,000 making this degree a lucrative choice for young students.

Increased Demand:

In 2022, there was an increased demand in the Human Resources Provision industry, with a market size measured at £2.0 billion in terms of revenue. This underscores the growing demand of talented HR professionals in the UK.

Top Universities For Masters in Human Resources Management in UK

Let’s have a look at the top colleges for MBA in HR in UK:

Name of the College Name of the Course Fees
Coventry University International Human Resource Management MBA £22,550
University of Sunderland Master of Business Administration (HRM) MBA £18,000
University of Bedfordshire Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
Edge Hill University Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
Richmond American University MBA Human Resource Management £17,325

Besides these some of the top universities offering Masters in human resources in UK and MSc HR in UK include the London School of Economics, Edinburgh Business School, University of Manchester, University of Sussex, University of Aberdeen University of Surrey etc. These are among the top 10 universities in UK for human resource management

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements For MBA in HRM in the UK

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue MBA in HRM in UK are as follows:

  • Honours undergraduate degree with a minimum of 2:2, or an equivalent qualification, in a relevant academic discipline related to Business and Management.
  • International students will be required to demonstrate English language proficiency through IELTS, PTE or TOEFL scores.
  • GMAT/GRE scores are also crucial for certain colleges
  • Some courses may also require a minimum of 2 to 3 years of work experience in a relevant field.

Please note that these are basic qualifications and most universities may conduct an interview or a written test for all candidates.

Cost of Studying MBA in Human Resource Management in the UK

The cost of studying MBA in HRM in UK can vary significantly depending on several factors. Tuition fees for UK universities offering MBA programmes in HR typically range from £15,000 to £25,000 per year for international students.
Additional expenses such as accommodation, textbooks, and living costs in cities like London can substantially increase the overall cost of education for MBA in HR from UK.
Scholarships and financial aid opportunities may help mitigate expenses for eligible students, but it’s crucial to carefully plan and budget for the cost of an MBA programme in HR in the UK to ensure a successful academic journey.

Scholarships to Study Master’s in HRM in UK

Some of the scholarships available for MBA in HRM in UK are as follows:

1.Chevening Scholarships:

The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious UK government scholarship programme that offers financial support to outstanding international students. It covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other essential costs. Recipients are expected to return to their home countries after completing their studies to contribute to their nations’ development.

2. GREAT Scholarships:

The GREAT Scholarships scheme is another initiative by the UK government aimed at supporting international students. It offers financial assistance to students from specific countries to pursue Master’s programmes in the UK, including HRM. Each participating UK university may offer GREAT scholarships to students from selected countries, covering a portion of tuition fees.

3. Commonwealth Scholarships:

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) offers scholarships to students from Commonwealth countries. These scholarships are available for various levels of study, including Master’s programmes in HRM.

It’s important to note that scholarship eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and application procedures may vary. Prospective MBA Human Resource Management in UK students should visit the respective scholarship websites and carefully review the requirements and deadlines to maximize their chances of securing financial support for their studies in the UK

Career Opportunities and Jobs After Studying

Earning an MBA in HRM in UK opens up a wide array of promising career opportunities. As the HR landscape continues to evolve, professionals with advanced HR qualifications are in high demand across various sectors. Here are some key career paths and job opportunities you can pursue after completing your MBA in HR in the UK:

1. HR Manager/Director:

With your comprehensive understanding of HR strategies and practices, you can assume leadership roles in HR departments, overseeing various functions like recruitment, employee relations, and talent development.

2. Compensation and Benefits Specialist:

Focus on designing competitive compensation packages and benefits structures to attract and retain top talent.

3. Talent Acquisition Manager:

Lead recruitment efforts, ensuring the organization attracts the best-fit candidates for its workforce needs.

4. Learning and Development Manager:

Specializes in designing and implementing training programmes to enhance employee skills and career growth.

5. Employee Relations Specialist:

Manage workplace conflicts, and employee grievances, and foster a positive work environment.

6. HR Consultant:

Offer your expertise to businesses as an independent consultant or with consulting firms, advising on HR strategies, compliance, and best practices.

7. Change Management Specialist:

Help organizations navigate transitions and transformations, ensuring smooth change processes.

8. Diversity and Inclusion Manager:

Promote diversity and inclusivity within organizations, creating inclusive workplaces.

9. International HR Manager:

Manage HR functions in a global context, dealing with cross-cultural challenges and international labour laws.

10. Strategic HR Business Partner:

Collaborate closely with senior management to align HR strategies with overall business objectives.

The UK’s strong economy and diverse industries make it an ideal location for HR professionals to thrive. Graduates of MBA programmes in HR in the UK are well-equipped to excel in these roles and contribute positively to their organizations’ success. Additionally, continuous growth in the HR field ensures a promising career path with opportunities for advancement and professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do after MBA in HR?

After completing MBA Human Resource Management in UK, you can pursue roles such as HR manager, consultant, talent acquisition specialist, compensation and benefits analyst, training and development manager, employee relations specialist, or even transition into general management positions.

The MBA equips you with a strong foundation in business and HR principles, making you a valuable asset to organizations across various industries. It’s a versatile qualification that empowers you to drive positive workplace cultures, align HR strategies with organizational goals, and lead HR departments effectively.

Is MBA in human resource management good?

An MBA in Human Resource Management is an excellent choice for individuals passionate about HR and aspiring to excel in the field. It provides a comprehensive education that combines business acumen with specialized HR knowledge, enhancing your career prospects.

The degree is highly regarded in the business world, offering opportunities for leadership roles and competitive salaries. However, its value depends on your career goals and commitment to the field. If HR aligns with your interests, an MBA in HR can be an incredibly rewarding and impactful investment in your professional development.

How to apply to UK universities with TC Global?

Applying to UK universities with TC Global is a streamlined and expert-guided process. Here’s how you can embark on your educational journey with their assistance:

  • Begin by scheduling an initial consultation with TC Global. This is your opportunity to discuss your educational aspirations, academic background, career goals, and any specific preferences you may have for your MBA Human Resource Management in UK course.
  •  TC Global’s seasoned counsellors will work closely with you to identify the most suitable universities for MBA in HR from UK. They take into account your academic achievements, financial considerations, and individual aspirations.
  • Once you’ve decided on the universities, TC Global will assist you in preparing your application materials. This includes helping you compile transcripts, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and crafting a compelling personal statement.
  • TC Global manages the submission of your applications to the chosen UK universities, ensuring that all deadlines and requirements are met.
  • Upon receiving admission offers, TC Global provides essential guidance for the visa application process, making the transition to studying in the UK seamless.

With TC Global’s expertise and personalized guidance, the process of applying to universities for your MBA in HRM in UK courses becomes a well-structured and stress-free experience, paving the way for your academic success and a bright future in the United Kingdom.

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