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About Dubai

Dubai, also known as the “City of Gold”, is considered one of the fast-emerging study destinations among international students. Although the capital state of the UAE is Abu Dhabi, Dubai is the most prominent commercial center in the Emirates. Dubai is home to some of the world-class educational institutions that offer students with lucrative opportunities to live and study amid the sun, sea, and sand and with an economy that is considered one of the fastest-growing economies across the globe. Apart from oil and petroleum industries, sectors such as foreign trade, tourism, and banking are expanding faster now than before.

The education sector is the prime focus of the UAE, with its strategic educational plan for 2017-2021 being to further engage and enhance the quality of education. In addition, several foreign universities have established their campuses in Dubai with state-of-art facilities offering the best quality education to students. Besides, Dubai also welcomes and celebrates multicultural faiths, beliefs, and interests. Apart from studies, international students, who are adventurers at heart can indulge in a number of fun activities, from diving and watersports to desert safaris, not to mention sightseeing, culinary delights, and fashion. Moreover, Dubai is a heavily monitored city, thereby, the crime rates are comparatively low in Dubai making it a safe place to stay.

With the introduction of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in the year 2004, service industries such as IT and finances have rapidly expanded. Recently, Dubai is also utilizing AI-based technologies in various sectors and hence leading the chart in research and innovation. Besides, the government is also laying its futuristic long-term strategies, across AI, blockchain, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Across the Global Market, Dubai has been positioned as a country having umpteen opportunities for attracting talented and skillful professionals from all over the world to serve its well developed and emerging sectors.

It is recommended that students aspiring to study abroad take a deep dive into the entire journey, from the preparation, the courses and the admission process, to the paperwork and the visas.

Why study in Dubai ?

  • Globally Recognized Universities
  • Excellent Learning Environment.
  • Top-Notch Campuses
  • Globally Recognized Courses
  • Safe and Friendly Country
  • Politically Stable
  • One of the Fastest-Growing Economies.
  • One of the Safest Countries For International students.
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Top Courses in Dubai

    Top Courses in Dubai Price Range(AED)
    Hospitality and Tourism 75000 - 275,310
    Business studies 45000  - 120000
    Law 40000  - 175000
    Accounting and Finance 50000  - 325000
    Engineering 50000 - 350000

Dubai : Industry and Economic Outlook


The economy of Dubai is heavily dependent on the revenues generated by petroleum and natural gas, trade and tourism

In Demand Job Sectors

  • Oil and Gas
  • IT and Software developers
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Healthcare and Nursing
  • Financial Analyst
  • Aviation

Skill Shortages

  • Research and Development professionals
  • Engineers
  • Accountant
  • Business development professionals
  • Social media and marketing specialists

Quick facts


Avg Living costs / per year



Avg Tuition Fee/Year

30000 to 108000


Indian students



International students



Avg graduate
incomes / Year



Migration possibility




January, July, and August


Scholarships Available


Global Ed Process

Dubai FAQ

Quality Education

Dubai is known for its excellence in academics. The education sector is a prime focus of the UAE, with its strategic educational plan for 2017-2021 being to further engage and enhance the quality of education. The education system in Dubai includes the levels of primary, secondary, and collegiate education. Besides, the private and public schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates.

Universities in Dubai

Universities and colleges in Dubai are committed to providing quality education to each and every student. In addition, several foreign universities have established their campuses in Dubai with state-of-the-art facilities offering the best quality education. Some of the renowned universities such as Middlesex University and the University of Wollongong have their campuses in Dubai. The degrees offered by the universities in Dubai are reputed and globally accepted. While studying international students are also offered several paid and non-paid internships with some of the eminent organizations which get them accustomed to the work culture and work needs. Once they complete their studies, they are absorbed by some of the distinguished global companies and organizations.

A great place to network

The globally distinguished universities in Dubai are attracting students from around the world. Dubai is known to celebrate multicultural faiths, beliefs, and interests. Therefore, international students studying in Dubai can expect to meet people from multicultural backgrounds and religions from around the world. Each year more than one lakh students visit Dubai for studies. Thereby, universities and colleges in Dubai offer umpteen networking opportunities.

Fun Atmosphere

Dubai is one of the popular tourist destinations. Moreover, Dubai is also home to the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa along with an array of shopping malls and hotels; and some famous beaches such as Jumeirah Public Beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park, and many more Safe Learning Environment

Dubai, also known as “City of Gold”, follows a strict moral of conduct and hence the crime rates are comparatively low in Dubai making it a safe place to stay. Also, there are certain do’s and don’ts that each international student should abide by during their stay in Dubai.

The cost of studying in Dubai varies from university to university and from course to course. Besides, the cost also differs depending on whether the student is going for an undergraduate degree or for a postgraduate degree. On average the tuition fees for undergraduate degrees range between 30,000 AED to 90,000 AED per year. While the fees for the postgraduate degree range from 45,000 to 108,000 per year. Additionally, International students having excellent academic records are also eligible for various scholarships and bursaries offered by the universities. Apart from tuition fees, the cost also includes accommodation fees which again differ based on whether the student is staying on-campus or off-campus. As the on-campus accommodation options are limited and given on a first come first serve basis, the student should start applying and processing for their accommodation on time as soon as they accept the unconditional offer letter. Dubai is quite expensive in terms of living expenses as it is positioned as the commercial and trade hub of the UAE. It is estimated that the living cost of international students is around 2500-5000 AED per month which includes food, rent, travel, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Dubai, also known as the “City of Gold”, is considered one of the fast-emerging study destinations among international students. It is well known for its booming economy along with umpteen opportunities which would boost the career prospects of the international students. The education system of Dubai is well known for its quality and infrastructure. Additionally, some of the famous foreign universities across the globe have leveraged Dubai for its location and have established its campuses in Dubai with state-of the-art facilities, offering the best quality education to students. Therefore, the list of courses offered by these universities is also growing bigger with the increase in the number of these university campuses in Dubai. Moreover, these universities are also committed to providing excellent industry experience, specialist skills, and system knowledge. Generally, the speed of employment in each field determines the popularity of courses that the students look for. Some of the courses in demand are mentioned below:

  • Engineering: Engineering is one of the most popular streams, not only in Dubai but across the globe. Within the field of engineering, the most demanding courses are in civil engineering followed by mechanical and petroleum engineering. Furthermore, civil engineers are in huge demand for all the construction initiatives across UAE. Moreover, as digitization continues to rise in all the industrial sectors, thereby software, AI developers, IT engineers are also in great demand and therefore students are encouraged to contribute further to the age of digitization by choosing these courses.
  • Business Administration: Dubai is home to some of the well-received universities which offer excellent BBA and MBA programs.MBA especially in the field of marketing is in huge demand. In the era of digitization, everything is almost run by social media. So, whenever new companies or products are getting launched, so they necessarily need an SEO specialist to market their brand using marketing techniques and Social Media. Furthermore, specialization in quality management, finance, HR is also equally demanding in Dubai. Also, if a student is specializing in Insurance and Banking, there are many lucrative alternatives in the field of retail banking, investment banking, and treasury.
  • Information technology: In IT, the most demanding major courses are information security followed by Information systems and networking.
  • Finance and Accounting: The demand for finance and accounting professionals is quite significant in Dubai. Recently with the introduction of numerous start-up companies, there is a surge in the number of finance professionals that these companies are looking for. Therefore, finance and accounting is another course in demand at universities in Dubai.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Tourism and hospitality management courses are quite popular in Dubai as the city has an array of shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Additionally, it is one of the famous tourist destinations and therefore students studying tourism and hospitality can also go for customer service in various industries ranging from hotels, restaurants to multinational companies.

Most of the international students are willing to work part-time during the course of their study not only because they would like to earn a little extra, but also as they would like to apply the knowledge which they have imbibed in their classes to the workplace. Most of the universities in Dubai offer paid and non-paid internships to the students at some well-received companies and institutions so that they familiarize themselves with the workplace and its culture and hence inculcate the attributes that the companies generally look for in their future employees. Universities such as Al Dar University College provides a range of options for the students who would like to work and study at the same time in Dubai. However, if the international students are willing to work part-time and are having university sponsorship, then they need to approach the UAE Labor law department to obtain a permit that will allow them to take up part-time work in Dubai, legally.

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